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Don't just do something!

Paul B.

Hello, we were there between Christmas and new year's eve. I waited till my emotions simmered and my facts are untainted by the beauty of the place, the beautiful caretakers of the property, and the outstanding service we received. If you've done something similar, you know what I mean. But for those first-timers, looking for solace in today's world and the problems it brings down on us, I write for you.

Take your issues, grief and misunderstanding, plan a few days, heck make it a week. The place warms up your heart and your soul, all and every member of your "entourage. The kitchen is good for preparing banquets, the firewood is abundant, and the true kindness and dedication of the PEOPLE in charge will slowly take you down a couple of notches.

Forget the drive up the mountains: all you see is trees. Instead, try sitting with your loved ones around the fire, talk about what everybody wants to hear, plan ZERO, wake up at your convenience, and watch what days 2 and 3 bring in.

A whole set of positive thoughts go rushing into your being. Our Land is so beautiful. I found myself accepting the rejected notions, and the preconceived ones, and had so many heart-to-heart conversations that lead me (of all people) to understand how people felt, and how each and everyone is different and adorable.

Life took a beautiful shale and the weather became 'warmer", the food is delicious, and the drivers around me were courteous !! It's a life-changing experience, that you owe to your life, for the better. Spend the money, toss your worries, and indulge. You will be rewarded with memories, better than weddings and parties; I found hope and friendship, true love came from Chris & Jim, these two perfect strangers that run the show.

I became seriously rich. Don't buy a lotto ticket. Book a life-changing week at Seven Circles Retreat Center in its simplicity, true colors, and watch yourself leaving on departure day as if you are pulling your own wisdom tooth, without novocaine. I love it there, I will go back and I hope you hear my cry to you:

Don't just do something, stand up there and do nothing, and let the moment transform you. You won't regret it, not one little bit

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