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Natures Voice: The Owl

The Resident Owl Family

Natures Voice

Seven Circles Retreat is in a forest. The whole estate is literally surrounded by trees, with a continued 24 acres of undeveloped forest. Living in dominion with us in the forest are (so far we detected) two species of owls, but there may be more. We hear the haunting hoot of the Barn Owl. It hoots near our living quarters and various other locations around the estate. We also hear the screech of the Screech Owl. It is a sharp and quick shrill.

We enjoy taking country walks toward the evenings when the sun is setting so that there is an equal amount of light and darkness that the tree tops and the hills present a marvelous shading which makes a very calming and an environment of "good feeling" in the air during our walks.

We also get to see the flight of the owls quickly soar past the trees, going from one tree to another.

At times we see an owl perched at a distance, watching us watch her. We get a "hoooot", "hooooot" sound to us, which I take either as a greeting or, this is my territory as my babies are very nearby.

We continue on our walk and on our return back, if we are lucky, we might spy them flying around some more.

We hope the owl shows wisdom and teaches us to be enamored more with the nature we are a part of, and live in.

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