Squirrel Storehouse

The Resident Squirrel Storehouse

Natures Voice

An amusing situation which we noticed is the use of tree trunks and electric poles by us. The woodpecker happily drills holes, looking for her dinner in the wood, therefore leaving holes where she left off.

However, these holes, we later discovered get filled with oak tree seeds and other seeds by squirrels! They fill each hole left by the woodpecker, making a store house of nuts for future use!

I am imagining the mouth of the squirrels pushing in the tree nut and even taking the future dinner out from the hole!

I am always amazed by nature and animals! We are so very grateful that we are learning and living here at Seven Circles Retreat Centre.

Remind me to show you this unique storehouse, if you have a particular interest, when you come to stay with us here!

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