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Manav Sadhu: Jai Jagat Dance Tour

Spring: April Circle of Light: Raquel Palmese

The Jai Jagat Youth Dance Tour Spring Retreat

Manav Sadhu, from India came to us looking for a special space to honor the neediest children of India. They chose Seven Circles Retreat Center for our quiet, and unique private space in the heart of the Sequoia National Forest. Everything was in place all that remained was a confirmation for each of the children's and chaperones visa applications. Their visa's were approved at the 24th hour the trip was on and Seven Circles has never been the same.

We had a delightful first encounter with the Manav Sadhna group as they brought the charming Jai Jagat child dance troupe to have 24 hours of relaxation and rest from their vigourous world tour! We were graciously greeted by young ladies bowing low to us, heartfelt hugs, cheek to cheek smiles and bright smiling eyes!

They were all very cute and so unique! They all clustered together wearing winter jackets, waiting for their interpreter to translate into their Gujarat languages. It was fun to show them an adventure through our forest, which they had deep respect for, especially for the stream which gurgled loudly with a small cascade which some of them lined along the stream and sang a song to the stream.

We were so sad to see them all go, but we have been invited to Gujarat, India to visit on our next trip abroad. We wish them wholeheartedly well on their very ambitious entertainment schedule around USA and Europe!


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