LGBT Travelers: Hiking Kings Canyon

Spring: April Circle of Light: Raquel Palmese

LGBT Travellers Hiking Kings Canyon National park

Jimmy Zuehl found Seven Circles Retreat Center via a google search. He was looking to host his first hiking retreat in the Sierra Nevada's. We were excited for our center and the opportunity to host one of many LGBT retreats here.

We connected on facebook and soon had the opportunity to meet Jimmy in his native San Diego, CA. After months of planning he arrived with his "MEETUP group", It was refreshing to see him again and the beginning of a cool friendship.

We were invited along for some of the hikes and we met friends from all over the Country. New York, San Diego, Tijuana, and Chicago.

It was fun to feel the vibes of different characters from their hikes, the fun conversations which took place in the park among the trails in the park. I remember taking a lunch break and eating and trading with each other different items from our bag lunch which we took with us.

I remember for dinner each participant had the opportunity to cook something of their own style on the grill for each of us to taste! I remember the huge salmon being grilled and that was enough for many to taste!

We continue to make friendships with them, as they came from Mexico which we continue to visit with in his hometown, as well as other locations around the USA.


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