Circle of Light: Racquel Palmese

Spring: April Circle of Light: Raquel Palmese

The Circle of light Spring Retreat (Racquel & Marilyn)

Racquel first contacted Seven Circles Retreat Center at the beginning of March upon the recommendation of a friend. In just a short time the lodging details and the dietary conscience menu were set for the Circles of Light first retreat at Seven Circles Retreat Center.

Circles of Light was a particularly kind and "opening" group. I remember the moment Racquel and Marilyn came out of their car and their eyes looked around with wonder and approval, I sensed that they would have a wonderful group.

I was proved right. Maybe it was their wisdom from their life's journey or the fresh air permeating the property of Seven Circles retreat, or both.

We had heartfelt conversations every place we met them. They even experienced an aspect of the local culture as we shared a meal at a Mountain restaurant for dinner. It was rather entertaining for us all. They brought an energy of acceptance, as if "everything will be alright" kind of feeling. They marveled at the nature as we took them through our nature hike, and we marveled at the conversations we had.

One facet of healing the Circles of Light offers is ancestoral healing. Racquel and I have our ancestors coming from Eastern Europe, which has a challenging history and we talked about the important healing which all cultures in the world need to have.

We really are looking forward to having them come again to Seven Circles with more retreats!


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