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Meditation at Seven Circles Retreat


My favourite time of the year at Seven Circles is when Autumn arrives, all the beautiful colours make the forest look like they are on fire, and when the eerie Tule fog rolls in and makes a blanket across our whole area. There seems to be a stillness and a smell of powdery fog in the air. I like to climb up on our large rock area and meditate in the "pea soup" surrounding me and at times very limited visibility. When the temperatures are cooler and the fog comes in, It gives a nostalgic feel as if we were in the highlands in Scotland or some place like that.

Winter at Seven Circles is very special. It is a very introspect time. There is just quiet at the top of the rock areas in the wilderness trail part of this campus. One could stand and breathe, and just enjoy the stillness and crisp air. At times a wild Yellow hawk will screech on occasion, monitoring their homeland and giving warnings. When there are frequent shrills that is, to my mind, a signal that some other creature might be in the forest area.

We recently cleared new trail areas on the 24 acre campus, making private nooks for placing a mat down with a book, or for your writing workshop or for daydreaming. These small places also might enable some private heart to heart conversations to be had for a short time away from others in the group.

On a clear day with no clouds, it is possible to see for miles and through the many layers of mountains which our trail affords a vista. It brings back memories of my times in Nepal when I could gaze at the Himalayas, as the feeling is so similar. Again, just standing there still one can be awed by the silence.

In the Spring the same mountain vista, now all green pastures with cattle grazing and the meadow all open and alive, it feels like being in the mountain areas in Switzerland, and I can imagine Julie Andrews singing ( from the movie Sound of Music) "The Hills are Alive.........!)

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