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Managers: Chris Caldwell & Jim Tvarian

Board of Directors: Paul Edwards, Deanna Kasta, Robert Mertens, Rachamat Martin, Kelly Baker

Advisors: Doug Card & Helena Merten



Created by Chris Caldwell ©2016 - 2020 Seven Circles Retreat Center Inc.

Non profit 501 (C) 3

Flying Beauties


Wood Peckers, Dragonflies, and Butterflies




Woodpeckers can be heard in the trees around Seven Circles. They are busy foraging away at insects in the tree trunks. The wood pecker can also communicate with other woodpeckers with it's drumming drilling sound. This could be heard at a long distance. The humming birds around our area have a certain rhythmic sound which resembles the ringing of a British telephone. Listen for them as they are part of our bird family in this sanctuary.


When you are sitting casually around the swimming pool during the summer, you may encounter a Dragonfly. There are many varieties of dragonflies, all are almost exclusively carnivorous, eating a wide variety of insects ranging from small midges and mosquitoes to butterflies, and moths. They are our natural flying pest control. They are not dangerous to humans and won't bite.  When you see a dragonfly floating around say thank you to it.


A large colony of various types of butterflies can be seen fluttering around the property. We have been told that we have a good ecological environment therefore we have many butterflies.




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