Manzanita Magic

The Nature Trails in Seven Circles

A Magical Walk Amidst the Manzanita Grove

Seven Circles is blessed to have 24 beautiful acres of forest or wilderness area. The initial area of the property which greets everyone on arrival is 2 acres, but a mere few steps across a bucolic wooden bridge, one is transported into the forest of Seven circles.

There is a nice large field for a friendly game of football or volleyball or three legged race with your friends, and enough room to run around a few laps and breathe in fresh mountain air. There are two lovely sections where the manzanita trees make a canopy which forms a tunnel to stroll through. It is perfect for a private procession to ceremoniously walk through if an event like that requires it.

The seasons alter the atmosphere of the location; in the autumn there are small leaves a blanket of what I imagine small coins littering the floor of this walk. The winter snow reveals the traffic of the animal life which use the corridor for moving from one end to the other, and cris-crossing from either side of the "thoroughfare" with their tracks in the snow.

Summer heat is still minimal here as the shade of the trees prevent much of the brown colour seen elsewhere during that season. Wandering through the area during early Spring and Spring season one could hear the philharmonia of bees above in the trees with the birds interlude among them. Small faerie flowers of various colours are changing every fortnight or so on the large rocky area. Each time I wander up the rocky area I find myself amazed by the diversity of flowers and fire red moss.At the end of the manzanita path, there is a "fork in the road" so to say, and one can decide whether to turn left, which will lead to a panoramic view of the Sierra Mountains which, when a very clear day affords a view which I nostalgically call "Swiss Alps" as there are many times cattle grazing in the pasture below the view. Turning right on the path allows an opportunity to wander through some more "minor forest" and a path which is made of granite rock which resembles "Appian Way", the road the ancient Romans created during Roman empire, and leading finally to a wonderful rocky theatre where a breathtaking view is experienced.

One would be enchanted by the sunrise or a mid Summer suntan on the rocks, whilst reading a favourite novel. The first set of rocky area approached is a nice area for watching the sun set - when there is a moment between the day and the night and the calm and atmosphere of the area is perfect for a meditation. I especially like this area during the colder winter months as the feel is very introspect and meditative. I have my healing crystals and other small alters throughout this rock area.

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