Dry Creek Road: The Magic

Dry Creek Road

A Magical Drive to Seven Circles Retreat Center

Dry Creek Road the entrance into the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is on your way to Seven Circles Retreat Center just off the 198 HWY. Dry Creek Road is our link to rural towns and cities like Woodlake, Lemon Cove, Exeter or Visalia and to the communities in the mountains.

We regularly travel Dry Creek Road and therefore get treated to all the marvellous scenery which changes each time we drive its path. Misty mountains in the distance cover the more distant snow capped mountains along the way.

We are treated to ever-changing mountain scenes with either steer grazing on them or the seasonal flowers which make the mountains look ablaze with colour and delight. Seasonal flowers adorn the sides of the road; orange California poppy and purple lupine which join along with other smaller faerie flowers.

The creek meanders along the drive during the wet months, but during the rainless Summer season, the drive lives up to its name, as the scenery is a golden brown. Recently nature has given us seasonal rains and this area is looking lush, green and beautiful. Give yourself plenty of travel time as you will be tempted to stop and admire the local beauty before reaching Seven Circles Retreat Center.

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