Cedarbrook Waterfall

Cedarbrook Waterfall

A local trail

We discovered this hidden local secret literally by accident while driving down a small local historical road just a few minutes away from us. The sign mentioning the community was almost discreetly posted on one side of the road, a bit like a reminder for local traffic on what street to turn on.

At the end of a small historic community built by the Mennonites during World War I era, a refreshing park emerged and we pulled off the side of the road to admire it.

The cool fresh air had the scent of pine and cedar. There was a beautiful waterfall and a brook which looked inviting as a few picnic benches were near it.

We took a stroll in the forested area along the enchanting brook to find it flowing into a strong waterfall, leading further down into a more mighty waterfall. The thunder from the waterfall and surrounding tall Sequoias and cedar suggested that we could have been deep inside a forest.

This place has become our small "getaway into nature" location when we want to have waterfalls and tall trees in our nature environment, and to have a picnic.

It will be a pleasure to refer our guests to this special place when they are wanting a waterfall experience nearby too.

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