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Tanveer Retreat

Tanveer Family Retreat

One year in the making

We felt delighted when Mr. Tanveer and his family arrived along with some of his close friends and their family. The age groups ranged from very elderly grandmother to newborn babies and in between.

When their cars were arriving, I noticed they were all dressed in their Islamic dress as they were followers of the more very traditional values in Islamic thought. Having lived in the Middle East and visited many of the Islamic countries, I had a more thorough understanding and appreciation for the cultural traditions and norms and I felt a bit nostalgic that I could experience them again. I felt so pleased they chose our location among others to feel comfortable and to relax, enjoy and spend quality time together with. I was especially happy when I was invited to an Indian style breakfast with the other gentlemen together! The food was marvelous- I felt a close camaraderie with those men and we met again together at night around the bonfire together for a small chat.

We went for a small hike around the trails on our campus, and we together shared stories about our lives, and they were impressed with the unique archway canopy which is created by the manzanita trees, and they were enamored with the breathtaking view of the snowcapped mountains which were especially beautiful that afternoon.

We wish we can see Tanveer and his family and friends again. We told him to pass all the information about his experience at Seven Circles and refer us to his friends in his mosque, as they are all welcome wholeheartedly.

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