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Bodhi Path Pasadena, CA Retreat at Seven Circles Retreat

At Seven Circles, there are many kinds of groups who enjoy this space. Many of them are returning groups which come back every year or bi-annually. Bodhi Path meditation and yoga group comes here every year and we feel they are part of the family.

Khaydroup Zangmo and Cesar bring a special grace and peace to Seven Circles. With them come a very interesting group of Buddhist followers who meditate in a Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

In the Seven Circles main lodge a Buddha statue sits proudly in a prominent location where meditation mats are neatly lined up.

The yurt at Seven Circles is a pivotal part of the group's chanting, praying and meditation. There are mats on the floor and a faint incense aroma wafts in from the outside. A gong sounds from time to time.

Last visit, Bodhi path group went to the Sequoia National Park with the managers of Seven Circles for a day outing. We all peacefully enjoyed the tall trees, the wonders of nature, and had a wonderful picnic in the forest. Before eating, we all gathered around the bank of a river Lodgepole, and sent a loving prayer for peace on earth- the prayer went down the river and into the oceans, spreading across the world.

We are looking forward to another wonderful meditation group visit from them and would be pleased to hear if they planned a group visit even twice a year!

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