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Badger, CA 93603


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Managers: Chris Caldwell & Jim Tvarian

Board of Directors: Paul Edwards, Deanna Kasta, Robert Mertens, Rachamat Martin, Kelly Baker

Advisors: Doug Card & Helena Merten



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Mountain Dining



Dining on the Mountain


A few places to dine at while staying at Seven Circles Retreat Centre and Sequoia and King's Canyon National parks.


We are comfortably nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains 3,000 feet (1,000 meters) below Sequoia National Park. Enjoy the mountain hospitality of these local eateries.


Mountain House:  The local saloon for a beer,  spirits, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Open daily. Some games, billiards, and a nice veranda outside in the back area of the saloon. Very local community atmosphere.


Badger Mountain House
48711 Hwy 245 Badger, CA 93603
(559) 337-2321

Call for group reservations

Pinehurst Lodge:    A community pub which has very local flavor. Diner style food and beer are served there. Located in the town Pinehurst about half hour drive from Seven Circles Retreat Center


Pinehurst lodge
53783 CA-245, Miramonte, CA 93641
Phone: (559) 336-2603

Call for group reservations


Three Rivers, CA and Woodlake, CA has many dining options. Please do an internet search to view the possibilities. 







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