Waterfalls Anyone?

Since you are already here and visiting Sequoia National Park, seeing the biggest trees in the world, why not add on one of the highest waterfalls in the USA to your agenda.

Tokopah Falls Trail is an easy and mellow 3 and 1/2 mile walk, the perfect day trip from Seven Circles Retreat Center. The trail begins behind the Lodgepole Village as you past some majestic trees, passing by the towering 2000 feet high formation known as "The Watchtower".

The trail is nice and shady for much of the walk, and later opens up to a large rocky area, with coniferous trees throughout the area. At the end of the trail, the lower falls are seen. It is a wonderful feeling to experience them!

The amount of water and the size of the waterfall varies due to the rainfall and the seasons. If large waterfalls are your thing, then going to Tokopah Falls in the beginning of the season is the best time, after the snow is melted.

The elevation of the trail goes from 6,700 feet to 7,500 feet above sea level.

The Essentials