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Birds of the Sierra's

On my many walks here at the retreat center. I come across three particular birds here in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They are the Red-tailed Hawk, the California Qual, and Anna's Humming bird.


The call of the Red-tailed Hawk prompts me to look up into the sky and follow it's path of flight. My attention is immediately captured and I am brought into the present moment.

The California Qual call, the Chi-ca-go, just darn catches me off-guard and makes me smile and giggle inside. Just how this ground dweller scurry across the plain is a site to behold. Often in groups they run and then take flight if approached.

Anna's Hummingbird is the smallest little bird and just about comes along side of you to say hello. The flowers of the retreat center are a call to this fascinating creature.


I encourage you took some time to take a walk. Take a walk and be brought in by the nature of your surroundings and discover the nature of your being.

~ Chris Caldwell, Managing Director - Seven Circles Retreat Center

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