Guests Participation COVID-19 Guidelines

Mandatory COVID-19 Waiver online fillable form
(To be signed by host and guests)
Social Space: Please respect the space of retreat participants. The recommended distance is 6ft.
Sanitize: Please be mindful of personal handwashing. Wash and use sanitizer.
Face Covering: Please be mindful of close interactions with guests by wearing a CDC recommended face covering. The recommended distance is within 6ft.
Resources: Please review the COVID-19 resources.

COVID-19 Resources

Update Spring 2021


COVID-19: We are excited about the 2021 retreat series of retreats and are currently accepting deposits for reservationsMandatory COVID-19 Waiver form: To be signed by host and guests
To be mindful of social distancing, please be advised we are booking retreats with a maximum guest count of 18. This allows for 2 guests per room.
For all retreats and those with 18 or more guests, please inquire on the booking quote request form.
FIRE: No fires reported in our area.